Crushers Mod. MAR 01 e MAR 01B

The Crusher mod. Mar 01 have been studied and realized to resolve on effective and efficient way the problem of the shattering of the ceramic rejects. Our machine is able to break tiles of PORCELLANATO to a size of 900x600 mm. with thickness of 15 mm, producing wrecks of 5 cm2 with irregular form (the ceramics has glassy mechanical characteristics).
In comparison to the traditional treatment of the discard, the Crusher Mar 01 offers considerable ADVANTAGES:
- Small overall dimensions: 1500x1100x860 or 1500x800x750 mm.
- Easy to position: doesn't need to be fix to the floor
- It doesn't work on a rubber conveyor belt
- Self-lubricating
- It doesn't use driving belts
- Electric pannel with pilz safety
- Very low maintenanc

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